Get Rid Of Mucoid Plaque With Ejuva Cleanse

Get Rid Of Mucoid Plaque With Ejuva Cleanse

Get Rid Of Mucoid Plaque With Ejuva Cleanse

Get Rid Of Mucoid Plaque With Ejuva Cleanse

Are you suffering negative health effects from accumulated mucoid plaque?

The Ejuva Cleanse is a 4-6 stage intense all natural cleanse program designed to rid your body of this waste and restore your bodily systems to its optimum level. The term mucoid plaque, coined by naturopath Richard Anderson, is the product of years of accumulated waste and mucus solidifying and adhering to the walls of organs.

The accumulation of this plaque can prevent digestion, nutritional absorption and is possibly the source of many pathogens. There is much scientific debate as to the legitimacy of this plaque but naturopath practitioners recognize it as a real threat to our health.

After years of exposure to the various toxins, preservatives and pesticides, this plaque becomes thick and difficult for the body to eliminate without assistance. The components of the Ejuva Cleanse are much more potent than eating fresh fruits and vegetables alone. In fact the components are so effective that people who have been eating 100% raw foods for years still experience significant mucoid plaque elimination after cleansing with the Ejuva program.

The ingredients are 100% organic or wild and contain no fillers or bentonite. Bentonite clay powder is added (unscrupulously) to some intestinal cleansers to create the look of mucus and other material in stool. Not so with the Ejuva Cleanse.

So what exactly is mucoid plaque made of?

According to naturopathy, when poisons, toxins, and parasites remain in the body they can calcify and cause damage to the organs, the blood stream, and the brain.

* Poisons – can come from tap water or the pesticides found on unwashed food.

* Toxins- can come from alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and environmental pollution.

* Parasites and Bacteria – are often found in improperly cooked meats, poultry and dairy products. These parasites can live inside a host for several years undetected. When you consume the improperly cooked meat these organisms can wreak havoc on your immune and digestive system.

* Accumulated Waste- according to naturopaths mucus, fecal matter, and old dead blood cells collect in the walls of your intestine and bowels, and over time becomes become hard and sticky. This hard and sticky substance is mucoid plaque and it can make the body septic, cause energy loss and illness.

Your digestive tract can be adversely affected by excess fatty, rich or refined foods, sugar and lack of fiber and whole foods. Intestinal cleansing programs such as the Ejuva Cleanse aid in repairing the damage these substances cause to your small and large intestines. This is why regular cleansing is very crucial to overall health and maintaining the level of toxins in the body.

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