Bear in mind that when cooking vegetables, heat is the keyword…

Bear in mind that when cooking vegetables, heat is the keyword…

Bear in mind that when cooking vegetables, heat is the keyword

When cooking vegetables, heat is the keyword

There is nothing like changing your eating habits to achieve visible results. What you eat matters. Didn’t the experts say that what goes inside a person through his or her mouth determines how healthy he or she will be? They are right there, as far as I’m concerned. |A theory propounded by Dr Peter D. Adamo suggests that our blood type determines the kinds of food we should eat; an ‘o’ blood type person, according to him, thrives more on meat and vegetables; any other thing like grains is not taken properly by the body…to find out more about this theory his book ‘eat right for your type’ is available for purchase.

Organic products are gradually becoming more and more popular because of the rising of diseases that are food related. Fresh eggs straight from the barn or milk directly from the cow is being advocated as healthier by health promoters.|Most of the time junk food contains addictives such as sugar and unhealthy oils and tend to attract people more because they taste good; however you should remember that something that tastes good does not mean it is good.|The best kinds of meals to eat are those that are straight from Mother Nature’s bowels that have been untouched by the poisonous hands of processing.

Coffee, nicotine and alcohol are stimulants that are nutrient thieves; they take up the nutrients meant for your body, thus depriving you of proper energy and leave you feeling low because a drop in glucose levels occurs.|Whole grains are best taken in their natural form because you get to retain and use all the nutrients contained within; processed grain reduces the vitamin b content and leaves nothing for the body to truly work with.

A decrease in the intake of your salt in meals can make a huge difference in your hair growth; too much salt accumulates in the tissue impacting negatively on the body.|A lack of adequate nutrients in the body cause the body to work with what is available; in the process, nutrients are retained to the vital organs first and then the hair last…hair loss is therefore inevitable.|Leafy green vegetables can be ripped off their content of vitamin B when they are overcooked…it is important to apply low heat in the preparation of these vegetables.

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